Laser in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) is performed several million times a year worldwide and is therefore one of the most frequent surgical procedures. It leads to high patient satisfaction and represents the gold standard of permanent correction of ametropia.

During the operation a small flap is first cut with the FEMTO second laser. Then the actual laser treatment of the cornea is performed with the EXCIMER laser. After the flap is folded back, the operation is finished and you can usually see quite well on the same day.

Everything from a single source: Laser surgery incl. preliminary and follow-up examinations.

Motor vehicle fitness to drive: 1 day after the operation

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Surgical indication

The surgical indication is the patient’s desire for independence from glasses and contact lenses. His spectacle values should be stable for at least two years.

Indication range LASIK


Dr. Schulze Schwering at the slit lamp of the Excimer laser by Alcon
Control on the monitor during the laser process of the cornea
After LASIK, the uppermost "corneal flap" is put back in the original position

Basically, laser ablation of the cornea is not a service of the Luxembourg health insurance CNS (Caisse nationale de santé).